Mark did an amazing job compiling this book! It pulls information from AA litature and puts it together so perfectly. We started an emotional sobriety woman’s meeting and this guide is our format. It’s well thought out and each defect has great questions to ponder and discuss. I highly recommend this book!

Dawn M.


I never used to talk about this stuff. I’d try to “live with it.” Taking time to talk, with intention, about these topics with others has become one of the greatest gifts to my life in recovery. Emotional Sobriety provides an amazing blueprint for focused discussions of depth and meaning. The thoughtful, honest shares of others; the insight I find into my own behavior – it all combines to form a solid foundation for my personal spiritual growth. The collection of these topics into a meeting guide is fantastic!

John H.

We have some of the most profound literature to read as guideposts on our journey.  We quote passages and do reflections to constantly keep us centered.  However, our group has a special advantage.  We select one word each week to explore in depth to relate our experiences, hopes, fears, and joys in a very clear way to help us focus on why sobriety should not be a complex task.  Words like expectations, forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude are by themselves the armor we need to strengthen our resolve as our journey continues.
Randy H.

An Emotional Sobriety meeting is a must for anyone who wants to live a more serene life. I’ve been in AA for over 20 years and this meeting is like attending a 6, 7th, and 10th step meeting all in one. We dig deep by focusing on one topic at a time. It’s helped keep me sober for sure!

Mike S.

I’ve only been attending Emotional Sobriety meetings for the last six months and I’m so glad I found them. I live in a sober house with several other women and we use the weekly topics at our in-house meetings. It’s made a big difference in how we all get along and cope with each other.


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